kpop jungwoo, sunoo, soobin
anime tokyo revengers, jujutsu kaisen, mushoku tensei, demon slayer, servamp, parasite + more

yay SUNOO!! junguwus&soobs sketching, music, pets, cottage fairy, special love for froggos
no people that hates cats or/and dogs and lies alot >:(

friends sina, ara, sara, ara, jyan, aliza + more of my luvs <3


she/her/bitch seventeen bi-romantic
asian 22 sep

shy but i love to interact so please do <3

before you follow !
I'm still a minor, i stan multiple kpop groups with enhypen, txt and nct being my ult and brag alot about 2D men
do not follow if ;
you're homophobic, transphobic, racist or hate people for no reason, hate k-pop or anime, you bodyshame someone, make joke about or fake mental healths